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The structure and advantages of the blade seal V-type combined seal ring

Time: 2020-12-08 View: 115

Most of the turbine blade seals manufactured in China at the early stage use the "in" structure, but from the operating conditions of most Chinese generator sets, it seems that the seal is ineffective, indicating that this type of seal is not suitable for long-term smooth operation. Water turbine unit. Based on long-term technological research, Chinese companies have selected polymer materials with low friction resistance, high mechanical equipment, acid and alkali resistance, moisture resistance, and long-life polymer materials. It also designed a V-shaped combined sealing ring structure to replace the "in" type and "double D" type sealing structure often used in the past. At this stage, it has successfully solved the problem for several large and medium-sized shaft operating propellers and electric bulb irrigation power plants in China. The problem of long-term water leakage!

1. The V-shaped combined sealing ring has "self-sealing". In the free state, the outer diameter of the V-shaped seal is larger than the inner diameter of the packing cavity, and the inner diameter of the seal is smaller than the outer diameter of the piston rod, so that there is a certain amount of interference after assembly. Coupled with the pushing effect of the support ring, even if no oil pressure is applied, its lip can seal the medium under a certain pressure.

2. The V-shaped combined seal ring allows a certain center movement and eccentric load, because the seal ring has a certain amount of interference in the free state, so even when the radial width of the groove changes during manufacturing or use It can be guaranteed to seal the media.

3. The V-type combined seal ring seal element is not stressed and uniform in the groove. When the V is assembled into the groove, the lip has enough space to deform and generate pre-tightening pressure, without interference and influence The seal of the adjacent part is deformed and squeezed, which ensures a good use effect of the seal.

4. It can overlap multiple turns by adjusting the pressing force to achieve a very ideal use effect.

5. It can withstand shock pressure and vibration. The hydraulic turbine has large vibration and pressure movement during operation. The shock pressure resistance characteristics of this V-group structure provide a guarantee for the long-term safe and reliable operation of the hydraulic turbine.

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