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What is the difference between O-ring and C-ring?

Time: 2020-12-08 View: 184

O-rings are mostly circular in cross-section. Compared with C-rings, they have a simple structure, neither a skeleton nor a self-tightening spring. This depends on the elasticity and flexibility of the rubber itself. If installed improperly, the seal will fail. , Aggravate the wear of all moving parts, and even cause major failures such as burnt-out of the shoe shaft, so you need to pay attention to the following matters when installing the rubber sealing ring:

1. Clean the installation location;

2. Removal of burrs during the installation and movement of the seal;

3. Apply lubricant on the sealing ring;

4. Protect the sealing surface layer from damage;

5. Check and confirm whether the size of the sealing ring is correct;

6. Use reasonable tools to install the sealing ring that needs to be deformed and installed.

Seven, the details of installing the O-ring seal:

(1) If the O-ring is too thin or the sealing groove is too deep, so that the O-ring cannot be higher than the arc surface after being loaded into the sealing groove, a layer of cotton rope (or barley paper) can be wrapped in the sealing Coat the bottom end of the groove with moisture-proof calcium-based grease (or sealant), and then insert the rubber sealing ring into the sealing groove.

(2) If the O-ring is too thick or the sealing groove is too shallow, the O-ring is too taller than the arc after loading. At this time, not only is it difficult to install, but the O-ring and even the broken parts will be squeezed. At this time, the O-ring can be polished with emery cloth and loaded into the water seal groove at a reasonable height, and then applied to the surface layer of the O-ring, that is, grease.

(3) If the thickness of the O-ring seal is uneven or the depth of the seal groove is different, and the protrusion height of the rubber ring is uneven after the rubber ring is assembled, carefully check the phenomenon of the O-ring or seal groove, and replace the defective part.

(4). Clean the sealing groove of the O-ring before putting the O-ring into the sealing groove, and avoid impurities and dirt during installation. In the assembly process, the seal and its parts should be coated with grease or lubricant (to ensure the media compatibility of the elastomer, it is recommended to use the sealed liquid for lubrication), do not use the grease containing solid additives, such as molybdic acid Salt, zinc sulfide, etc.

(5) After the O-ring is assembled, be sure to check carefully whether there are distortions, grooves, etc.

The cross section of C-type sealing ring is mostly C-shaped, and C-type sealing ring is also called C-type combined sealing ring. Under normal circumstances, C-type sealing ring is used in combination and mainly has the following characteristics

1. C-type sealing ring is full of elasticity and resilience

2. Reasonable mechanical strength of C-type sealing ring, including expansion strength, elongation and abrasion resistance, etc.

3. The performance index of C-type sealing ring is stable, it is not so easy to swell in the medium, and the heat shrinkage effect is small.

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