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What to do if the cylinder sealing ring leaks?

Time: 2020-12-09 View: 184

What to do if the cylinder sealing ring leaks? First analyze the reason before replacing the cylinder sealing ring:

1. The anti-fouling sealing ring is leaking, and the sealing ring is damaged or scratched.

2. There is debris or scratches on the surface of the pivot.

3. The wall thickness seal ring is scratched or poorly installed.

4. The type and specification of the sealing ring do not meet, and the installation is incorrect.

5. The sealing part of the cylinder liner or bearing end cover is deformed.

6. Handling and preventive measures: accurately distinguish difficult points for the root cause, and carry out maintenance on products that can be replaced by damaged components and have maintenance value; if the damage is more serious, products with no maintenance value should be resolved.

When replacing the cylinder sealing ring, you must choose the right specifications. The cylinder sealing ring generally includes Gly ring, dust ring, pan plug seal, vulcanized rubber sealing ring and so on.

Gly ring has corrosion resistance, good wear resistance, high temperature resistance up to 260 ℃, sturdiness and durability, and the actual effect of sealing is also very good! The anti-fouling effect of the dust-proof ring is very good, the high temperature resistance can reach 200℃, and the speed is 15m/s; the pan plug seal is also called the energy storage lip seal ring, which is widely used in the cylinder of the hydraulic cylinder; the vulcanized rubber sealing ring can withstand high temperature up to 300℃, Good material resistance, even under high temperature conditions, it can still maintain good material resistance and resistance to shrinkage and deformation!

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