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Which material is good for waterproof sealing ring

Time: 2020-12-17 View: 101

Which material is good for waterproof sealing ring? The seal manufacturer tells you: Water-proof sealing rings generally use rubber sealing materials, which are also traditional sealing ring materials. There are also many types of rubber: for example, neoprene, or nitrile rubber, cloth rubber, hydrogenated nitrile rubber, etc.;

Neoprene seal ring: good comprehensive mechanical properties, its service temperature in mineral oil is -30℃±140℃, and it can reach 160℃ in a short time;

Nitrile rubber sealing ring: good abrasion resistance, air permeability and oil resistance, good comprehensive mechanical properties, is a good material for hydraulic seals, oil and water resistance, normal temperature is generally -30℃±120℃;

Cloth rubber sealing ring: good abrasion resistance, anti-extrusion resistance and low temperature resistance, stable size and moisture resistance, especially suitable for heavy load environment, normal temperature is generally -30℃±100℃;

Hydrogenated nitrile rubber seal ring: good ozone resistance, weather resistance, chemical resistance to medium, flame retardancy, low temperature performance and mechanical strength, good dustproof and waterproof effect, normal temperature is generally -30℃±100℃;

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