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Medical sealing solutions

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Medical silicone sealing ring is a kind of high environmental protection, high temperature resistant silicone sealing ring, which is often used in hospitals, medical treatment, scientific research institutes and other institutions. This kind of medical sealing ring is made of imported high-quality silica gel raw materials, using platinum vulcanization, usually high transparent sealing ring, smooth surface, small tolerance, strong resilience, good sealing performance, long-term use, does not fade, does not affect the use effect.

Medical silicone sealing ring performance

1. High transparency, high sanitation level, environmental protection, high efficiency and tasteless, high temperature disinfection, high pressure sterilization;

2. It has good physiological inertia, will not cause harm to human tissues, will not cause foreign body reactions after entering the human tissues, and the surrounding tissues will not have inflammation.

3. High tensile strength, strong tear resistance, low shrinkage and good resilience;

4. High temperature resistance, strong low temperature resistance, will not be deformed under high strength and high temperature, and will not produce decomposing harmful substances, physiological inertia and strong biological aging ability.

5. The level of health and environmental protection is high, and it has passed food safety testing, such as FDA and LFGB in Germany.

Application of medical silicone sealing ring

This medical silicone ring is mainly used in clinical medicine, biopharmaceuticals, medical research, small household appliances, medical analysis instruments, ventilators, food and beverage transportation, dairy products, beer, peristaltic pumps, veterinary drugs, chemical industries and other industrial fields! In addition, the medical silicone tube and medical (manufactured) silicone tube produced by our company belong to the same kind of silicone tube.

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