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22 years focus on silicone rubber R&D and production enterprises

National high-tech enterprise, with more than 20 patents in the rubber industry

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Company culture






Business philosophy

Mencius has said: "The sincere is the way of heaven; the sincere is the way of people." Since its establishment, Ezhao Technology has been adhering to the fundamental principle of honest service and insisting on user experience as the core to meet customer needs To serve. The purpose of the service is to provide high-quality products as the fundamental purpose, to truly provide honest services, to operate attentively, and to provide the most professional low-cost, high-quality, high-standard rubber solutions for every customer who trusts us. And in strict accordance with the national standards for the use of raw materials, in accordance with the principle of "high efficiency, innovation, and responsibility", it integrates social superior resources, green raw materials, and protects human health.

Management philosophy

"Leaving Lou Zhiming, the cleverness of the public losing the sons, without rules, can't make a circle" Ezhao Technology has always adhered to strict rules and regulations to regulate the behavior and mental outlook of the company's personnel, to ensure the company's service quality and external image, and more stringent regulations The standard production process of the product makes the enterprise keep improving.Realize the institutionalization, process and scale of enterprise operation.

Corporate Vision

Over the years, we have adhered to the value concept of "Responsibility, Professional Specialty, Innovation, Innovation, and Good Faith", with the vision of "creating a century-old brand and being an internationally outstanding enterprise", insisting on integrity management, and ultimately achieving a goal beyond profit

Our Mission

Yizhao Technology undertakes the solemn mission of transforming from Made in China to Created in China. It always adheres to innovation, adheres to customer value-oriented, full mission, always adheres to innovation, adheres to customer value-oriented, and strives to build a first-class brand, first-class scale, and team A first-class and highly internationally competitive enterprise.

Corporate purposes

Adhere to customer orientation, adhere to quality and innovation, adhere to "sincerity" to "achievement", achieve customers, achieve self, and achieve a century-old foundation.