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Static seal and reciprocating seal

Time: 2020-12-09 View: 207

Static seal: Most spring-enhanced seals can be used for static seals, among which the 103 spring series is more suitable. It provides medium to high-grade spring preload and can meet most of the static seal requirements.

Reciprocating seals: The most common use of spring-enhanced seals is for reciprocating motion seals. For medium and low pressure conditions, the 400 series is recommended. This series of products use springs with low preload and high opening angle, low wear, long life, and Eccentricity can be properly compensated. The APS series uses reed wire springs, which can provide almost constant spring preload, and have a wide range of sizes. At the same time, if very small reed wires are used, it is suitable for small sizes and low friction requirements. The inclined-pull series is suitable Under low pressure conditions, the deformation is large, the sealing force and friction force are constant within the deformation range, the ability to compensate for dimensional deviation is large, the damage to the workpiece is small, and the life is long. For relatively strict reciprocating seals, 103 series products are recommended. This series of products use high preload springs, which can effectively compensate for the wear of the sealing ring, and are especially suitable for medium and high pressure working conditions. In the 400 series, durable springs and wedge block structures are used, which are suitable for heavy loads and long life requirements. occasion.

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