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The reason for the oil leakage of the reducer sealing ring

Time: 2020-12-09 View: 207

The main reasons for the oil leakage of the reducer seal ring are as follows:

1. Pressure caused by the inside and outside of the reducer: During the entire operation of the reducer, the friction and heating of the sealing ring and the damage of the ecological environment temperature will increase the temperature of the reducer. If there are no pores or clogging of the pores, the shell works The pressure gradually increases. The higher the temperature inside the machine, the greater the pressure with the outside. Under the effect of the dynamic pressure of the lubricating oil, the sealing ring is exposed from the gap.

2. The design of the seal ring of the reducer is unreasonable.

3. The sealing ring is loose,

The surface of the sealing ring is uneven and leaks oil from the contact gap;

4. In the entire process of manufacturing the seal ring of the reducer, the seal ring is not vulcanized.

5. Reverse installation of the sealing ring and not removing the sealing ring immediately will also cause oil leakage.

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