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What are the main factors that produce the waterproof effect of the silicone seal ring?

Time: 2020-12-09 View: 184

Waterproof silicone ring is often used as one of the more common sealing silicone products in contemporary product design. Due to the current sales of many electronic device products, mechanical equipment products and car products, the concept of waterproofing is getting higher and higher, and the environment In terms of protection, follow further regulations. When it comes to waterproofing, it depends on the usefulness of the silicone rubber ring. But today, we want to make it clear that the waterproof effect of the silicone sealing ring is mainly based on what factors produce the waterproof effect?

Friends think that the silicone product material belongs to the soft and high elastic material. The key to the waterproof effect comes from the extrusion molding of the silicone product to achieve the sealing effect. This is not completely wrong. Only in addition to the structure type, the sealing and waterproofing effect of the finished product will be cast. For example, the product specifications are large or small, and the sealing effect is not tight enough to achieve the sealing effect. In addition, the pressure is deep, the longer the water level line, the smaller the sealing effect . It is not difficult to see that silicone sealing ring products still have to be combined with the actual situation to see if the structure of the product can be combined!

If you want to achieve a stronger waterproof effect for sealed silicone products, you probably have to understand these aspects!

1. The size of the sealing position must be combined to calculate the size of the sealing ring

2. How much the sealing effect, the sealing level, and the level of waterproofing are to determine the specifications of the product

3. Choose different strengths and materials according to the specific size and what material to seal with!

4. The flexibility of silica gel and its size can it be placed in a sealed position, and how much can the size be expanded?

5. Different materials need to be selected for sealing in different natural environments, such as long-term storage in water and intermittent storage in water!

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